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January 16th - January 20th
@ 8AM PT, 9AM MT, 10AM CT, 11AM ET

Right now is the best time to build your freelance business.

Freelancers are in extreme demand. 
Companies are accepting remote work.
And instead of employees, companies are looking for freelancers.

BUT... here's the thing, with a booming freelance market you've noticed freelancers popping up out of nowhere.
And even more concerning, you've seen a flood of low priced freelancers…

So maybe you've been wondering, what can I do to standout?
How can I prove my expertise?
How can I get paid what I’m worth?
What do I have to do to get clients coming to me?

And listen, I understand you know the importance of creating content for your freelancing business.
And that you’ve heard gurus and “experts” preaching to “give value” and “be consistent”...

You've been handed content creation calendars.
You've been saving ideas and inspiration (you’re spending a lot of time “researching”).
Your shiny object syndrome is kicking in.

Fluff-filled masterclasses, webinars, and courses are consuming your time and leaving you feeling MORE confused than ever.

… It’s all so overwhelming, right?!

Trying to navigate all the platforms, create content give value, getting visible… is sucking up all of your time... and it's not producing any real tangible results.

But you're not alone.

I can show you my silly-simple strategy that I've used as an freelancer to conquer social media, become the top producing freelancer in my community and an internationally recognized expert.

Today's freelance market is competitive, but I've mastered the ONE tool you need to standout as the expert authority freelancer, and I'd like to show you how to use this secret weapon in your biz too.

January 16th - January 20th
@ 8AM PT, 9AM MT, 10AM CT, 11AM ET

I'm revealing my secrets of how to use social media to 3x your freelance business in this FREE 5 Day Accelerator

Here's the thing... if a busy mom of 3 from Minnesota can master the power of social to become an award-winning entrepreneur and top-producing freelancer (that’s me, btw), so can you.

I actually didn't start out as a freelancer. I didn't understand social media or entrepreneurship, and I never considered myself a salesperson at all...

I was a college dropout and single mom who had just gotten off of welfare and food stamps.

It began when my daughter got sick, and I missed work to be with her - only to be written up for missing work! Yet I watched the owner of the company I worked for leaving work early and attending his kids’ games and field trips. 

That was when I realized it wasn’t ever going to be “my turn” to be there for my kids - I was building a business for someone else to enjoy their family… If I wanted to be there for games and field trips and when my kids were sick, I was going to turn my side-hustle as a freelancer into a successful business. 

I wanted the flexibility of working from home to spend my time with my girls and to be able to provide for them...
But like most freelancers, here's what I had to learn the hard way:

Clients and projects were inconsistent and hard to find, which meant my income wasn't always predictable.
And working 50, 70, 80+ hour work weeks to find clients meant actually spending LESS time with family.

Joining networking groups, wasting hours on
tire-kicking discovery calls, cold-calling.
I was wondering if I was charging too much,
and considered discounting my rates.

I was doing exactly what every other freelancer was doing,
and it wasn't getting me where I wanted to be.
Then I was reminded of the quote, “doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity.”

And so, I realized I needed to try something different.

I studied the TOP agencies, Fortune 500s, and celebrities.
I read every single book I could get my hands on.
I invested HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars
into mentors, trainings & skills.

And then I unlocked the secret strategy to standing out and becoming the go-to freelancer for any specialty.

The big catalyst for my success is the power of social media.

It allows me to get in front of business owners with a budget, and to STAND OUT above the competition.

I've put my AHA's and tactics together and want to show them to you for FREE in my 
Freelancer Success Accelerator.
My next Accelerator is starting soon, RSVP your spot today.

January 16th - January 20th
@ 8AM PT, 9AM MT, 10AM CT, 11AM ET



Secret 1: Attract more freelance clients online by using social media. I'm sharing how to grow your influence and establish go-to expert authority with this one powerful engagement tool.

​Secret 2: Connect with potential leads online using specific, strategic social media content. Unlock how to leverage your existing knowledge into a lead generating magnet.

​Secret 3: Convert more leads from your social media. Discover how consistency will not only grow your followers, BUT also your sales and revenue too.

Here's What's Included:

Live Trainings With Rachel Pedersen

Exclusive Facebook Group

All New Content & Super Training

Exclusive Resources & Workbook

Want to Attract More Leads & Close More Clients with the Power of Social Media? 

January 16th - January 20th
@ 8AM PT, 9AM MT, 10AM CT, 11AM ET

January 16th - January 20th
@ 8AM PT, 9AM MT, 10AM CT, 11AM ET

More About
Rachel Pedersen

Rachel Pedersen is among the top 1% of freelancers internationally. With 6 years in the freelancing business, she has personally earned 7 figures directly from services from clients averaging 5-6 figures per month! Rachel has worked with clients like Dean Graziosi, Cristy CodeRed, Lionsgate, Dani Johnson, and ClickFunnels

She is a former hairstylist whose work has won awards - both for her clients and for her business. Rachel has spoken on stages including Traffic & Conversion, Funnel Hacking Live, and Social Media Marketing World all focusing on her social media strategies. 

Rachel also took her second business, focused on programs and mentorship from zero to multiple 7 figures in just 52 short months using her social media strategies. She is the recipient of MULTIPLE prestigious Two Comma-Club Awards and recipient of the Inc 5000 award - #16 fastest growing company in the Midwest. Rachel loves serving people and has turned her attention to sharing the secrets of her success to freelancers across the world within this accelerator! 

Rachel is revolutionizing the ways freelancers market themselves online! She offers an innovative step-by-step, systematized approach on how freelancers can gain a massive social media platform and become the go to authority in their specialty!

Rachel has Learned From and Spoken on Stage Alongside 
Gary Vaynerchuk, Russell Brunson, Annie Grace, and Many More!

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