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Social Media United
Discover what FREEDOM feels like.
-Create your own schedule & work from anywhere-

Imagine what true freedom looks like.... 

Not having to commute to a 9-5.

Scheduling your work around appointments.

Never missing another important moment for your kids.

Being a stay-at-home mom with "working mom" pay.

No boss to deny your vacation requests.

Finally having the financial means to go on vacations without worry

This is all not only possible, it's HAPPENING for Social Media United members.

Does this sound like the life you are craving?

Good. Because you DESERVE freedom.

You have a dream of becoming a successful Social Media Manager.
I'm here to tell you that it's totally doable!
But maybe you're craving guidance through the process....
That's EXACTLY where Social Media United comes in.
To walk you through the entire process to becoming a
Social Media Manager and finding your OWN freedom.
How Will Social Media United Help Me Achieve Freedom?
Live Monthly Q&A Calls – Because sometimes you want to hear a voice to know you are on the right track (or not). 

Video Trainings – Because for some, visual learning is the next best thing to hands on. 

Templates – When you don’t know what to say or how to say it... These templates have got you covered!

Constant Support –
Everyone needs a cheerleader. 

Private Community –
You could do this alone, but you never, EVER have to. 

With Many More Benefits!

"Of all of the courses I have taken for managing social media, Rachel's has by far been the most beneficial. Her charming and uplifting personality is motivating and her directions are simple to follow, understand and execute. The value Rachel provides to her quickly-growing community is truly unique and I'm so glad to have the opportunity to learn from her!"

-Amanda Haslip, Owner of Curious Creativ

I'm Rachel Pedersen. 

Full-time Social Media Strategist and Manager. 

8 months ago I began this journey while working in my 9-5 (actually, it was an 8-5) day job, and quickly replaced my income.... And I built a clientele that I loved working with.

Today I am empowering Social Media Managers to do the same. Everyone deserves the freedom that I have found and enjoy each day...

I founded Social Media United to give you the EXACT strategies I used to create freedom in my life.

Let's make this happen for YOU!
"Rachel is an excellent speaker and instructor. Her knowledge and ability to share what she knows in an easy and fun flow makes learning and implementing what she has taught a breeze! She is totally transparent in her interaction and delivery. It is a hard skill to master--making things look so easy. Her positive and vibrant personality top it off." 

- Gloria Ochoa, Social Media Manager
Skip the guesswork with no fluff trainings.

When I got started as a Social Media Manager, I was juggling a 9-5 and family life... Like you, I didn't have time to invest hours and hours into fluff-filled trainings. 

I wanted actionable steps and I needed results - fast! 

This is what inspired me to create Social Media United's training format.

From the moment you dive in to the video trainings, the information is ACTIONABLE, with worksheets, templates, and guides to help you get results.
- start receiving the guidance you've been looking for -

"RACHEL IS THE REAL STUFF. Social Media United is not only jam packed with amazing knowledge and insight, but it’s ACTIONABLE. Too many courses regurgitate what’s on the internet, but she is obviously speaking from experience, passion and excitement to get yourself MOVING to SMM success, not just learning." 

- Katrina Hubbard, Graphic Designer
- Social Media United FAQ -
The training content - is it released over time? All of the trainings and content that are in Social Media United can be immediately accessed - with new trainings regularly being added!

Who is this membership right for? This membership was designed and caters to social media professionals - there are a few business owners in there who also love the actionable content for their businesses.

Have the students in Social Media United seen results? Many of the students have already seen massive results from SMU - with proposals going out, clients being booked, and confidence growing each day.

How is billing handled? To make things easy, your monthly payment will automatically process - no need to remember to pay the bill each month!

Is there a minimum amount of time I am required to join for? Absolutely not - you are free to join and stay for 1 month, or stay for months on end as you grow your business and clientele.
- Here's What SMU Members Are Saying -
Ready to kick it into high gear as a Social Media Manager?!
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