I've documented the 8 step formula for MAXIMIZING reach, GRABBING attention, &
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Go Viral Worksheet - 8 Action Steps!
Step 1: How to identify your viral target market

Step 2: What type of content is viral-worthy

Step 3: How to create inspiration that is sharable

Step 4: What you should avoid

Step 5: How to write the content for virality

Step 6: The supporting imagery needed

Step 7: How to guide your audience to share

Step 8: How to serve it to your audience
The information found in this worksheet includes the exact steps I have used to create the viral effect - for myself and for my clients. Using this information will help you to increase your organic and paid reach across Facebook - for pages, ads, and your own personal Facebook content!

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Rachel Pedersen
TODAY you can get the entire worksheet with actionable steps for $9
This worksheet is normally priced at $19  but today only you can get the entire Go Viral worksheet for just $9!
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